Further Information


Molasses is used for a wide range of industrial applications. Our knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of molasses and related liquids allows us to offer suitable blends and origins for many purposes.

Industrial fermentation yeast/msg/citric acid/alcohol/lysine

ED&F Man can supply a wide range of molasses origins (both beet and cane) to suit specific customers fermentation processes. With quality and consistency, key to the fermentation industry, ED&F Man are able to offer a flexible approach to ensure maximum fermentation yield and returns.

Agglomeration steel/fibre glass/carbon black

Cane Molasses is an excellent binder. It is safe and easy to use as well as being environmentally friendly.


Cane molasses is ideal for briquetting a range of materials including coal and steel. It is cost effective when compared to other binders such as lignin, sulphonate and starch. It is safe and easy to handle as well as being environmentally friendly and when burnt, produces no toxic emissions.

Feed block manufacture

Block manufacturers have very specific requirements when it comes to molasses. Different origins suit different processes. ED&F Man has in depth experience of working with block manufacturers to ensure they get the right product for their business to produce a high quality product every time.

Liquid fertilisers

Cane Molasses can be used as an effective base to formulate a range of liquid fertilisers. Molasses provides an excellent carbon source to stimulate plant growth and improve the soil microbial status. By blending with other liquid co-products or mineral sources, liquid fertilisers can be formulated to produce carrying NPK levels to suit specific customer needs.

Pollution control/bioremediation

Bioremediation is the removal of chemical contaminants in the soil or water by biological means. This normally involves stimulating the growth of specific micro-organisms that are able to metabolise the specific contaminant. Using molasses or a formulated liquid blend can encourage the growth of the microbes to speed up and enhance the process in an environmentally sustainable way.

Biogas/anaerobic digestion

There is currently a lot of interest in Anaerobic Digestion as a source of renewable energy. By using micro-organisms to break down waste and plant material, the energy can be captured and utilised. ED&F Man offer a range of liquids which can be used to enhance this process ensuring maximum energy release in a cost effective and renewable way.

Process enhancement

Molasses can be used in a wide variety of processes and it is vital to ensure the right origin and specification of product to suit the specific process. Whether it is maximum sugar levels or low ash content, ED&F Man is able to offer a molasses solution to suit our customers needs.